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The Definition of Privacy for Millennials and Beyond

So Facebook is in the news again. Guess what it’s about.

Facebook changes its privacy settings again! VentureBeat:

“To have a good public content systems means having people who want to share content publicly,” said [Michael] Nowak [Facebook product manager]. 

We’re not trying to characterize Facebook as an evil, data-hungry behemoth. Rather, we are trying to remind folks that Facebook earns its revenue from your data. It’s not actively encouraging you to keep your data private; it wants to ensure you’re comfortable so you share more — ideally, with the whole, wide world.

Facebook’s privacy page. For giggles, here’s Google’s privacy policy.

Also, here are Facebook’s and Google’s research publication pages. There is some fascinating stuff going on, and it is important to note that AI may be more of a catch-all term, because there might be so much that exceeds the bounds of AI-proper. For example, AI has applications/overlap in computer vision, data management, data mining, data retrieval, machine learning, security, etc.

It’s pretty awesome (not sarcastically) that they’re so open about their research. It could easily be proprietary, confidential, private, for internal use only.

In other words, they’re really open about how they’re planning on using your private information!

Nonetheless, according to oxforddictionaries.com, privacy is:


Oh nice, it looks like I’ve looking at a lot of car websites as of late. I’m actually a fan of the Cadillac ATS 3.6L V6 as America’s answer to the higher-profit-margin-premium German big boys.

The new definition of privacy: privacy settings.

The ultimate privacy setting being, of course, going to Barnes & Noble and reading magazines for free while sipping in-store Starbucks with the rest of the moochers; visiting dealerships; dealing with the salesperson’s (usually male) really bad and recycled jokes; not finding the best price/incentives or consumer satisfaction ratings; etc.